What exactly is it that makes landscaping around a hot tub so different from normal landscaping? The hot tub may be elevated. Of course you can just add a bed of mulch, but your hot tub area will look as cheap as the landscaping cost.

Ideas for landscaping around hot tubs don’t have to be complicated to look nice. The first option is to simply purchase some nice looking planters or pots and some of your favorite shrubs and flowers to surround the hot tub. I like to take two larger pots and place one on each side of the steps. Then I plant two narrow finely manicured trees that will never grow out of the pot or become too tall. This frames the entrance to your hot tub making it inviting and beautiful.

When creating your dream retreat, you first need to choose the best location for your hot tub. Ease of access, view and privacy will be important concerns. To more easily enjoy your spa in cold weather, place it near the house. A pathway with lighting will make night use easier and more enjoyable.

Privacy can be a plus with your hot tub landscaping design. A gazebo, a wall or fence, or a hedge or stand of bamboo will add privacy. Enclosures with roofs can also provide protection from the elements such as rain or overly hot sun. When designing for privacy with plants be sure to consider how the seasons will effect your privacy and view. To avoid extra cleaning, avoid placing large plants or trees too near your spa.

When it comes to the area around your hot tub, it’s important to have landscaping ideas for privacy. One way to landscape around your hot tub, with privacy in mind, is a screened in gazebo. A gazebo will help to make the hot tub the focal point of your backyard, while allowing you to comfortably use your hot tub in rainy weather. To make it look nice, you can add a couple of simple planter boxes around the outside of the gazebo. If you’re not a gardener, you could choose to plant some low maintenance silk flowers instead.

There are just too many ideas for landscaping around hot tubs to list them all. I will now focus on an Asian backyard hot tub. Assembling a pergola will give you both shade and sun while creating an Asian inspired hot tub. It is also nice to place some permanent cedar planter boxes around the hot tub and plant some colorful flowers and trees that will grow well in your local climate. This will also create a permanent feel to the hot tub, almost as if it’s build in.

The best kind of landscaped hot tub includes both an in ground hot tub and an in ground swimming pool. A small tropical jungle adds to the beauty of the hot tub and pool area. To create this, start by setting out attractive flowerpots in two groups of 3 (odd numbers are better-looking). To create a terraced look, try using three different sizes in each group. Finish creating a tropical look by filling the pots with hibiscus flowers, a miniature palm bush, and some naturally-flowing ivy.

Whatever ideas for landscaping around hot tubs you decide to go with remember to allow for the drain to be opened. The drain could flood your newly landscaped areas, ruining all your efforts and requiring refilling of the hot tub. When landscaping remember to be imaginative, make it a place that is really your own backyard haven.

When it comes to the area around your hot tub, it’s important to have landscaping ideas for privacy. One popular style is an Asian backyard hot tub.