The sale of flowers in a big business: it’s the one thing men do to get out of the dog house, so you can bet it’s a multi-million dollar cash cow. Organic flowers are seemingly rare these days, and this is bad news: flowers raised without organic principles can have negative side effects.

Flower farms sometimes use pesticides that help keep the stock of flowers safe from bugs. This is accepted as normal for crops and flowers, but isn’t always safe. By buying organic flowers, you are encouraging flower farmers to use either approved pesticides, or use none at all and raise flowers the natural way. Your actions as a consumer dictate which companies survive and which don’t.

The community aspect of organic flowers is another well known benefit. Consumers that purchase organic items are often supporting the local farmers who aren’t part of massive corporations. This also leads to a higher quality product, as local farmers who produce organic products have a closer intimacy with their product, whether it be crops or the likes of flowers.

A pesticide may leave residue or even still be on flowers that aren’t effectively processed. This residue can be harmful especially with flowers, and contact with flowers is common through hand touch and even the nose when smelling them. The United States regulates the process, but there are accidents and sometimes foreign produce can get by without following code. Organic flowers carry no extra risk in this regard.

Research the company you are planning on doing business with even if they are organic. You should support companies that treat their workers well, which most organic companies do. Corporations looking to maximize profits will have harsh conditions or unfair wages for workers. Don’t support the mistreatment of others if you can help it. In buying organic, you have less chance of putting money in the pockets of the greedy and those who have a malicious intent.

The thought behind flowers is always the same: you want the recipient to know you care. This thought is important to get across, and with organic flowers you may find that you are paying more than you would otherwise. Paying more for quality, safety, and the promotion of fair working conditions is worth the few extra dollars you would otherwise save. In addition, many organic flowers are on par with pricing of corporate brands.

Final Thoughts

The Internet has a slew of websites that sell organic or regular flowers, all you have to do is research several of them that ship to you. Find the best price, but also remember to do the research to verify your money is promoting safe work atmospheres and rewards healthy businesses.

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