Cherry blossom is an exquisite and beautiful flower that is admired and widely celebrated especially in Japan. It is flower known for being delicate since its blossoms last only for a very short time. During hanami or cherry blossom viewing, people gather in parks and picnic under the trees while simply enjoying the intensity of the many blossoms that even look like clouds from a distance.

Cherry blossom can be found in the colors of light pink to pure white blossoms and some dark pink or slightly yellowish blossoms. This flower is so gorgeous that its commonly used as tattoo designs especially by women. They are attracted to these flowers not only because of its beauty but as well as the meaning and symbolism attached to it.

Cherry blossoms’ meaning and symbolism differ in Japan and China. In Japan, the delicate flower is seen in comparison to life, beautiful yet fleeting and ephemeral. It symbolizes the fragility and transitory of life which deeply ties with the fundamental teachings of Buddhism. They have long held strong to the Buddhist belief of the transitory nature of life and it is very noble not to get attached to a particular outcome or emotion as it will pass in time. The flowing petals of cherry blossom also represent the sacrifice that the Japanese samurai warriors have to go through during the early times to defend their emperors.

In China, cherry blossom meaning refers to the celebration of women and femininity. It represents feminine beauty and sexuality in conjunction with the idea of power and dominance of women. In the Chinese language of herbs, cherry blossom is also the symbol of love.