In 2004 Scott Wagner was prepared to spend nearly $250,000 for a reverse osmosis system to treat his problem well water at his annual flower growing operation in Ham Lake, MN. He was not prepared, however, to absorb the $30,000 annual operating cost in membranes, salt and increased electricity expenses. He also was acutely aware of the environmental issues.

In his research he found a system integrating oxygenation and ionization into his irrigation system that involved a competitive up-front expenditure and more reasonable annual operating costs, while still meeting the challenge posed by carbonate calcium levels in excess of 20 grains (350ppm) and flow rates reaching as high as 60 GPM. According to Scott Wagner, “The ionization and oxygenation in our irrigation system has proven a cost effective solution to our 3 part iron and 2- full part manganese well water.” Media and anodes on the six filter tanks were changed for the first time at four years at a cost of around $4,000. Employees have been so pleased with the quality of the water that many take 5 gallon jugs home for their personal use.

The green house system features six Pentair 2850 1-1/2″ water valves that communicate with the electronic control devices. While Pentair recommends valve rebuilds every three years for growers operating in more temperate climates, Wagner, with Minnesota’s five-month growing season, has found the valves to have performed without issue for five years..

Pahls Nursery, located on the other end of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, to cite another example, has been treating all of their nursery plants with oxygenated and ionized water since 2000. As their nursery has expanded, Pahl have added two irrigation systems. Nursery President, Gary Pahl, states that his six tank, 60 GPM, second ‘hex” has been running for six seasons with oxygenation and ionization without a filter/valve overhaul or single other maintenance event. According to Pahl, ” We knew we were doing both the fiscally and environmentally responsible thing when we purchased our second ionization and oxygenation irrigation system in 2003.”

Seed germination studies have confirmed quicker and higher rates with oxygenated and ionized water. Soil moisture levels remain high with the oxygenation and ionization levels measurable in the water. The retail landscape community has recently added “oxygenation” product lines to go with the huge trend towards ecological methods. Wagner’s eco-friendly approach discharges no brine or chloride to the groundwater, wastes no energy “double pumping” reverse osmosis water and most importantly saves 35-50% of the wasted water and the ionization and oxygenation is a zero brine, zero chloride discharge technology.

ECOsmarte has non-salt, non-chemical water technology installed in all 50 US states & 100 countries. In 2010 ECOsmarte received the Water Quality Association’s GOLD SEAL designation for its municipal whole house water systems.

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