Fish emulsion is a wonderful natural soil fertilizer. It promotes natural activity in your soil, gets earthworms squirming to deliver your plants roots the valuable nutrients that fish emulsion supplies. Fish used for fish emulsion aren’t typically caught solely for fertilizer purposes, with maybe the exception of the Menhaden fish too bony to eat and very beneficial to the soil. Other than the Menhaden, fish emulsion is made from fish by-product, and this means not only is this soil fertilizer organic, but it helps with recycling.

Synthetic soil fertilizer only destroys your soil and all of the nutrients that occur naturally. Natural soil fertilizer supports these natural nutrient delivery systems that are already in place, and won’t get your soil addicted maybe just craving fish emulsion, but wont shut down without like chemically dependent soil.

A great benefit you get from fish emulsion is that its nutrients go to work quick as lightning. It’s a great natural soil fertilizer because it delivers instant gratification and doesn’t contaminate groundwater like chemical fertilizers do. Plus it clings to the soil so your money isn’t going down the sewer after a good rain.

Soil is fertile and crammed with beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids when fish emulsion is used as your primary soil fertilizer. You’ll be able to plant worry-free next season knowing that your soil is still rich, unlike planting after a season of using a synthetic fertilizer. Keeping our earth organic is a huge part of keeping our planet livable. Organic soil fertilizer keeps everything underground natural, as well as what it produces above ground and ultimately our bodies are the true beneficiaries.

Organic soil fertilizer promotes microbial activity that synthetic fertilizer manufacturers could only dream of duplicating. Just isn’t possible. The benefits from keeping our soil natural can’t be questioned. The harm from using synthetic fertilizers in our soil can. They’ve done nothing but give people temporary results, leaving the soil depleted. Just like an addict instant gratification led to being broke and helpless.

If you want a chemical free body, you have to eat chemical free food, and the only way to do that is to eat organic. Organic soil fertilizer will guarantee healthy soil, which in turn keeps your fruit and veggie garden chemical free, and ultimately your body. Toxins rob you of valuable energy, keeping you tired and lazy in both body and mind. That’s not good. So what better reason to keep your soil fertilizer organic?

It cant be stressed enough, the damage that’s been done to our earth the soil that essentially feeds us, is almost irreparable. We can’t go on using the same toxic methods to feed our plants. Our soil fertilizer is a vital part to keeping our planet safe and healthy. We have enough crops addicted to synthetic fertilizers. It’s comparable to the war on drugs the war on toxins in our soil.

I’m sure you’ve heard that if you aren’t part of the problem then you’re part of the solution, or vice versa. Let’s all go green and be a part of the solution. We can’t go wrong when we go green and keep our soil fertilizer organic. It isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Soil fertilizer is a significant part of keeping our planet here and our society thriving to see the next century.

To find out how to grow organically with natural soil fertilizer you can visit Tina’s website about organic fertilizer.. Check here for free reprint license: Natural Soil Fertilizer Saves Your Soil For Future Cultivation.

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